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Dead site?

Been on the hunt for squiby-like/adoptable creator sites for a while.

I got interested in this site until I realised it's been open since 2014, with little to no work/activity on it since (3 years is a lot to be honest.).

Is it dead? Hope i'm not being too straightforward or insensitive. A lot of other posts seem to point to that.


  • elen89

    it is sadly pretty dead. not many users here at all, mainly because of no updates and no ones knows about it.
    I would love it if it wasn't, I did try to help save it, but I don't have the energy to help out anymore.
    after all the shitt on squiby, I have been very depressed and seeing this site fail didn't help much.

    The owner said he wished to make a big site, but did not follow up on that statement with updates or advertisements for the site.
    He might have had his reasons for not being able to work more on this site, I don't know.
    I supported and helped him out for as long as I could.

    You are free to try help the site grow if you wish.
    Use it and invite people, maybe the owner will decide to return.


    Unfortunately I don't see the point if even the owner himself gave up on the site. An owner should work on publicity and updates himself, not wait for the userbase to handfeed him attention and begging in order to do that.... It does not work like that at all.

    I don't really have any friends with these specific interests either.

    Who even is the owner? I have seen no sign of an actual admin/owner on this site. Kind of sad, really.

    I'm sorry it affected you so much. I hope you'll be better.

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