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Artist : DejiruM0n

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Monstur:Toximouz Type:Special Element(s):Poison,Wild(Normal) Monster Evolve at Lv 15(M-1) Toximouz is a Toxic Mouse Monstur that has a deadly poison that can instantly paralyzed and also damage organs.It has a headphone around it's neck.It's fangs and the tip of it's tail is where the poison is but it's fur can also poisoned anyone that touches it without gloves or armor.The only way to cure Toximouz poison is to eat Cure fruit that can be found in the Monstur world.However,the fruit is very hard to find,the tree is small and also the tree only grows 2 fruit at once in a week.The tree needs a week to grow the fruits again.Toximouz is rarely found but it likes polluted areas.There is actually another way to cure the poison that needs CobraRex to bite the body parts where Toximouz stabbed or bit.

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