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Artist : DejiruM0n

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Monstur:Bunnyx Type:Special Element(s):Wild(Normal),Sand Monster Evolve at Lv 15(M-1) Bunnyx is a Lynx Bunny Monstur that lives in the deserts of the Monstur World.It is very fast and defensive.It builds it's own den and it always protective of it's home.Bunnyx can be very defensive and will try to attack anyone that dare to threat it or it will just run away if the one who threatened it was very big or strong.Bunnyx usually fights with other Monsturs that have same sizes as it.It also fights with other Bunnyx,sometimes for territories.It also likes to climb high places.It eats small animals like small birds,insects.It also eats vegetables.They have combined senses of the animals lynxes and bunnies.

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