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Artist : DejiruM0n

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Monstur:Creepwood Type:Special Element(s):Dark,Nature Monster Evolve at Lv 16(M-1) Creepwood is a Creepy Wood Monstur that looks like a dead tree or creepy woods.It is a fierce and stubborn Monstur that will show no mercy to it's opponents.It has it's own method of attacks such as it can remain idle like a real dead tree and instantly catch anything that comes near it.Creepwood has a hole on it's upper area and solid wood-like tentacles from it's back.As it grows,it will have more aggressive appearances.Usually,birds will build nests inside it's hole,but,unfortunately,all of the birds disappeared without a trace,not even feathers.Other animals that might come inside Creepwood's hole will also get the same fate.

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