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Artist : DejiruM0n

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Monstur:SmogRex Type:Normal Element(s):Wild(Normal),Poison Monster Evolve at Lv 16(M-1) and Lv 46(M-2) SmogRex is a poisonous Monstur that has small holes on it's body.The holes let out harmful gas that could be dangerous and pollute areas.SmogRex lives in urban-like areas and polluted areas.It has strong body and could smack down a car in one swing of it's arm.It's gas could knock down and make living things unconscious.The gas is also poisonous.SmogRex doesn't like to be disturbed and will let out these gas if it felt very stressed.However,this Monstur could become gentle and friendly.SmogRex can absorb harmful and poisonous gases.

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