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Artist : DejiruM0n

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Monstur:MogeRex Type:Normal Element(s):Wild(Normal) Monster Evolve at Lv 16(M-1) and Lv 45(M-2) MogeRex is a feline-like Monstur.Realized the meaning of it's name,it instead specializes in weapon mastery and throwing things...It's behavior is unreadable and it can be stubborn.They like to climb up things and throwing things...MogeRex is fast and stealthy.It hates when someone pulls it's curly tail.It likes white colour and dreamed to have white as it body colour like Fururu and Nekoru.In battles,it is a well-skilled fighter and very durable.MogeRex's power are mysterious.They like to wander during Nights and Midnights.

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