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Artist : DejiruM0n

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Monstur:TekeRex Type:Normal Element(s):Wild(Normal),Dark,Metal Monster Evolve at Lv 16(M-1) and Lv 46(M-2) TekeRex is a fierce Monstur that based on the Japanese Urban Legend,Teke Teke.It can move at high speed and instantly attacks anyone that it spotted.It's method of attacking is attack very fast and it's almost impossible to dodge or hold up TekeRex's strikes.It has sharp blade claws that it usually use to cut things in half.TekeRex can be found in abandoned dark places or the Darkest lands of the Monstur world.It's movements make scratching or 'teke teke' sound.It is usually silent and stealthy.TekeRex only comes out at Night to wander and search for preys.It will not hesitatingly attacks anyone or anything that is in it's way.

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