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Artist : DejiruM0n

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Monstur:WhiteRex Type:Normal Element(s):Light,Wild(Normal) Monster Evolve at Lv 16(M-1) and Lv 46(M-2) WhiteRex is a Light Monstur that resembles a dragon.It is a rare Monstur that has a powerful Light power.It usually wanders the high skies,sometimes,a feather will be seen falling down on the lands.It is a friendly Monstur that likes to help it's friends.It's presence can made Monsturs around it feel comfortable and safe with the exception of Monsturs with Dark elements.Tamers with good heart will have a high or slightly high chance to meet with these kind Monsturs although they can be a bit playful and mischievous.((P.S:Can't draw a pillow,Epic FailDX))

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