Adopt Monstur-Toxivian


Artist : DejiruM0n

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Monster Evolve at Lv15(M-1)
-Official:A Monstur that has an appearance of an avian.It has poisonous spikes on it's wings,top of it's head and at the end of it's tail,it also grew two small fangs.These Monsturs live around places that have dangerous environment level.Their feathers have dark greenish colour as result of being in highly unhealthy environments for a long time.It inherited the will and power of the Poison Element Guardian,VenomousRex.
-Tamers:An avian-like Monstur that has poisonous spikes on it's body.It can be seen flying usually alone and around places that has poisonous or toxic air level.It also reported to dump it's victims into toxic lakes.
-Darkeon:An avian-like Monstur that has poisonous spikes on parts of it's body.Since it cannot fly fast,it uses it's spikes to shoot it's enemies.The venom it has can paralyze and rot the inside of living things.

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