Adopt Blob


Artist : amiright

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A blue blobby creature swells out of a smol droplet of something on the ground. Looks like jelly. Tasty. An aqua color... or aquamarine. Then it's turquoise? No, wait, it's not that green... whatever. I'd name it Bob. Level 2 - 16 Level 3 - 32 (Like how good old starter pokemon level up, I think) Artist's note: I thought this was simple enough to draw digitally, as my first digitally drawn adoptable. I'm more of a pen-and-paper artist, so it was hard at first, and considering I didn't have a drawing tablet or one of them good art apps, it was eh. Like, I used a touch pen on a touch pad on some online website that crashed every 20 to 30 minutes. But it was great.

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