Adopt Drop of Oil

Drop of Oil

Artist : amiright

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A tiny creature forms out of a drop of an extremely dark substance, like the color of oil stuck on seabird's feathers. Have you seen those pictures of the poor birddies from oil spills???!! I'm serious. :) As this drop of darkness ages, a white stripe forms on its "skin" around its whole body. It is rumored that this stripe is the mouth of the creature, as some have seen it turn into a "smile." It's not the greatest picture-perfect smile though. Default stage- Baby stage (I think it looks so cuuuute) Stage 1-at Level 37 Grown up (has that white stripey :) ) Stage 2-at Level 87 CHEESE :) (I don't really know if you want this stage, I think the previous ones look much more cute) Artist's Note: I don't know, I drew this lil' creature several months ago, and I wanted to make it an adoptable, put I didn't have concrete ideas for each stage though. Again, like my piece of cotton adoptable, I was doodling in class and I came up with this I was trying to draw some other adoptable before this one, but gave up. So I decided why not try to draw this teeny guy now? Maybe it'll bring back some more motivation to create more adoptables. It didn't, but I at least feel a bit accomplished that I finally got to draw it out as an adoptable.

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