Azulla's Art Thread of Artitude

Because ART.

I like to draw all sorts of things, including monsters, characters ( both original and fan characters ) and fan art. I also like to draw things that I've seen in dreams or nightmares from time to time, as a sort of visual dream diary. And also because it's fun just going "WHY, BRAIN?!" every so often. XD

I have a Tumblr where I post most of my doodles, which can be found HERE, or if you specifically just want to( because I reblog a lot of nonsense let's be honest ), you can browse my art tag, HERE. :D

Here's some I've done over the past few months:

Random, unfinished robot/bug/THING that was drawn to distract myself from the noise of DIY going on in one of the other flats. Looks like a Sonic baddie with attitude. XD

One based on a simple dream about travelling somewhere, but all the clouds in the sky were dog skulls for some bizarre reason. Fair enough, brain. XD

Another based on a travel dream. This time in a subway carriage where almost everyone else were monsters, hahaha. I liked this one.

My friend gave me Tomodachi Life for Christmas, so I doodled a quick image of our Miis singing their hit single about forgetting to feed their Tamagotchi. XD


  • DejiruM0n

    Wow,they all are really amazing and,you are really good and talented.
    I think you have a good imagination,I also found them interesting and well...weird?XD

  • technikos

    It's nice you have that dream drawings XD
    (I tried doing that, but most of the time my dream is just about stuck in the elevator/arguing with random people, so so far I got only 3 pics XD)

  • Azulla

    I take weird as a compliment. :D

    Hah, I know what you mean! XD I used to write them down too, but I've gotten out of the habit in recent years - some days it's hard to motivate yourself to write or scribble things down when you wake up. And then you end up forgetting. XD;

  • elen89

    I love these so much :D

    The first bug thing is just awesome X3 the lighting really catch your attention and gives a great feel to it.
    and the dream drawings are just so much fun X3
    I do this too, draw what I dream, I got some weird stuff in my ipad gallery XD hehe
    (have not thought about sharing it, tell me if you would be interested in seeing it)

    over all, just amazing work! :D

  • Azulla

    Thanks! :D

    I thoroughly enjoy seeing artwork based on dreams & nightmares; it's really fascinating seeing the things that the mind concocts when it's going on autopilot, haha. XD A lot of my dreams have weird creatures or distorted versions of places I visit a lot, or have spent a lot of time in ( like I often get dreams of my primary school, but the layout can be all over the place, or the cielings are REALLY high and such. XD ).

    I'd love to see your dream art. :D

  • elen89

    Yeah, ^^

    I'll find some place to share my dream drawings :)

    I have this big oil painting that is partially based on a horrible nightmare I once had,

    I just woke up from a really weird dream, I don't clearly remember it all,
    But it ended with me being very angry at some random person that was bullying me.
    This person had an "alive" blanket, I picked up a big whiskey bottle and run after them with the intent to kill the blanket...

  • DejiruM0n

    I have weird dreams tooXD my recent dream was me,my family and some other people were stucked in some sort of distorted,confusing,futuristic place or was it a labyrinth?I just walked through it and eventually ended up in a cafeteria place-like.I was shocked that everyone were already there,but,it's weird because I'm the only one who was moving through the placeXPIt's like they had teleported,and I could also saw Pokemon that look just like Cobalion,Terrakion and Virizion,but they were Primal versions of themO_0 They all wanted to rescued us all,but,the labyrinth was too hard for them,Primal Cobalion nearly died...anyway,my vision back to where I stood and the last thing I saw was a floating baby head.

    So,my dream ended there,it was really weird...

    Sorry,I think I'm out of topic.I agree with you guys and I say,artworks based on people's dreams are interesting but it could be weird or unique:)

  • elen89

    Created a thread where everyone can share their weird dreams :)

    Posted a few of my dream drawings there, I'll post more later ;)
    The drawings are not super =P just quick ipad draws that I drew right after waking up.

  • Azulla

    I'll definitely be frequenting that thread if anything particularly amusing or weird crops up in my dreams. :D

    That said...

    ( the above image might break from time to time as I uploaded it to my server space, and it's a bit shaky at times XD; )

    I dreamt last night about traveling across this grassy field with lots of holes in it. Down each hole you could see parts of buildings or streets, complete with traffic driving along them. I wish I'd gotten a proper look inside, now, as I'd like to have seen it from down there. XD Bet it looked so cool with beams of light shining down over buildings and roads.

    What a city was doing down there is anybody's guess. I certainly don't know why. XD

  • Azulla

    My absolute favourite author of all time, Sir Terry Pratchett, has passed away. I felt compelled to draw something in celebration of all those wonderful hours I've spent reading and laughing with his novels, which I started with The Colour of Magic at the age of 13.

    His brand of humour and style of writing have been SUCH a huge influence and inspiration to me. I will dearly miss his work. :(

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