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Corrupt A Wish!

Ok Here are the rules:
No Profanity
No Rasicm
No Corrupting your own wish
Give someone else a turn too.
Thats about it.
Example of Wish and Corruption
Wisher: I Wish i could Fly!
Corrupter: You could only fly for 30 seconds and you would fall to the ground and couldnt use it again for a year.


My Wish is to defeat all Five Night at Freddy's game series.


  • elen89

    You win the game, but then you wish you had not,
    As your body slowly turns into another creepy doll.
    And you spend the rest of your life scaring other people.

    I wish I could make food magically appear. :3

  • DejiruM0n

    (Ahh,that's really creepyDX)

    Wish granted,but all your magically appeared food is not deliciousXP

    I wish Godzilla is a rabbit:P

  • elen89

    (all rotten food XD awww.. hehe)

    Wish granted, but little rabbit Godzilla is still angry, trying to trample grass instead of buildings.
    he does it so well that all the grass turn yellow and now everyone is angry at you because all their pretty green grass is yellow and dead. the mob of angry people chase you around town, you would think yellow grass is better than a trampled city,
    but these people are really serious about their green grass.

    I wish the sky was red. x3

  • DejiruM0n

    (Yikes..XD and poor green grassDX)

    Wish granted,but then the sky turns twisted and distorted.

    I wish that my Monsturs were real,hehehe.(Though probably something bad will happen?XD)

  • elen89

    (That sounds really cool xD hehe)

    Wish granted, the world is full of monsturs,
    All kinds, bad, good. But their dead body parts have high value,
    And are illegally hunted until there are non left..

    I wish I could magically fix broken things.

  • DejiruM0n

    (You think so?XD and oh no,my Monsturs had been hunted until they extinctedDX)

    Wish granted,but,after that the things become alive and have intentions to destroy living things._.

    I wish I have a Nintendo 3DS so I could play Digimon and Pokemon ORAS.

  • elen89

    (Hehehe x))

    An old creepy lady comes to your house and gives you a new Nintendo 3DS, digimon and pokemon games. The 3Ds got lots of weird markings on it..
    As you play the games, you feel yourself getting trappet, you can't stop playing, and the games just become more and more annoying. And you feel yourself starting to hate digimon and pokemon more than anything in the world,
    Just the thought of it makes you sick and there is no escape!

    I wish I could easily learn any language.

  • DejiruM0n

    ((Oh my,more creepinessXD))

    Wish granted but then,the alien kidnapped you and you were forced to be their translator and a test subject for until your final breath and they'll dispose your lifeless body into the black hole just like that.

    I wish that my wish will not be grantedXD

  • elen89

    (Hehehe x3 at least I get to travel in space :P)

    Wish granted, but it create a paradox that consumes the entire universe
    And now there is nothing left O-0

    I wish there was roses that could talk and do stand up comedy. xD

  • Okirin

    Wish granted, but unfortunatly for you, they do all of this in an unknown language which put every living being into a deep sleep as soon as they hear it.

    I wish I could become a famous writer. :)

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