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SoraNoRyu's Rainbow Pets

I figured it was about time I made a thread for my creations.

Those are still the same old Rainbow Pets some of you may remember from Squiby, just larger and (in some cases) touched up to fit the new size. Once the old adoptables ae all on site again, I may take suggestions for new animals and colors.

New pets will come out at reasonable intervalls.


  • SoraNoRyu

    Rainbow Pets

    01.) Katze (Cats)

    02.) Hund (Dogs)Spoiler

    03.) Fuchs (Fox)Spoiler

    04.) Gürteltier (Armadillo)Spoiler

    05.) Frettchen (Ferret)Spoiler

    06.) Schaf (Sheep)Spoiler

    7.)Vogel (Bird)Spoiler

    8.)Teddy (Bear)Spoiler

    9.)Igel (Hedgehog)Spoiler

    10.)Waschbär (Racoon)Spoiler

    11.)Löwe/Löwin (Lion/Lioness)Spoiler

    12.)Pferd (Horse)Spoiler

    13.)Hase (Bunny)Spoiler

    14.)Eule (Owl)Spoiler

    15.) Hamster Spoiler

    16.) Huhn/Hahn Spoiler

    17.) Mensch (Human) Spoiler

    18.) Schildkröte (Turtle/Tortoise) Spoiler

    19.) Fledermaus (Bat) Spoiler

  • SoraNoRyu


    For now, Limited pets come for various hollidays and occasion. They will be limited to an amount I consider reasonable and not restock until their release-occasion returns (once a year for hollyday adopts, for example.)
    Like with the other adoptables, most of these are old ones from Squiby.

    Taube (Dove)

    Pärchen (Couple)

    Osterei (Easter egg)

    Schokohase (Chocolate Hare)

    Kürbis (Pumpkin)

    Find them in elen89's .

    Geschenk (Present)

  • SoraNoRyu


    You can now breed fantasy creatures out of my Rainbow Pets!

    Just post the links of two adult (3rd stage, Lv 60+) Rainbow Pets of different Gender (or two genderless) and I will create a hybrid the two animals. Once the crossbreed is on the site, I will send you a private message with the Password.
    Thanks to a new advance in fictive science, the gender of your adult pets doesen't even matter now!

    Created so far:

    X001 Pfogel (Pferd + Vogel):

    X002 Pfeule (Pferd + Eule):

    X003 Waschigel (Waschbär + Igel):

    X004 Fuse (Fuchs + Hase):

    X005 Waschogel (Waschbär + Vogel):

    X006 Katse (Katze + Hase):

    X007 Wascherd (Waschbär + Pferd):

    X008 Igster (Igel + Hamster):

    X009 Pfase (Pferd + Hase):

    X010 Fugel (Fuchs + Igel):

    X011 Hasbär (Hase + Waschbär):

    X012 Vose (Vogel + Hase):

    X013 Ferd (Fuchs + Pferd):

    X014 Gürtigel (Gürteltier + Igel):

    X015 Waschettchen (Waschbär + Frettchen):

    X016 Waschuchs (Waschbär + Fuchs)

    X017 Vochs (Vogel + Fuchs)

    X018 - Schogel (Schaf+Vogel)

    X019 - Fuster (Fuchs+Hamster)

    X020 - Katle (Katze+Eule)

    X021 - Waschteddy (Waschbär+Teddy)

    X022 - Löddy (Löwe+Teddy)

    X023 - Haster (Hase+Hamster)

    X024 - Katund (Katze+Hund)

    X025 - Euwe (Eule+Löwe)

    X026 - Voster (Vogel+Hamster)

    X027 - Menschbär (Mensch+Waschbär)

    X028 - Eugel (Eule+Vogel)

    X029 - Huhster (Huhn+Hamster)

    X030 - Katwe (Katze+Löwe)

    X031 - Schiltier (Schildkröte+Gürteltier)

    X032 Schafkröte (Schaf+Schildkröte)

    X033 Vohn (Vogel+Huhn)

    X034 Voddy (Vogel+Teddy)

    X035 Fuchaf (Fuchs+Schaf)

    X036 Techs (Fuchs+Teddy)

  • SoraNoRyu

    Request List:

    Tell me what kind of animal you would like to see!
    This list is in no way representative of what animals I will actually turn into Rainbow Pets, but those with the most votes are indeed most likely to come out at some point!

    Frog III
    Platypus III
    Kangaroo III
    Snake III
    Deer II
    Mouse II
    Fish I
    Lizard I
    Pig I
    Rat I
    Guinea Pig I
    Koala I
    Otter I
    Goats I
    Skunks I

  • SoraNoRyu

    Just a little note to say there is some new pets for you :3

    Refer to the first post to see and adopt the little birds! (Eventually I might need to update those spoiler images, but for now, lazy does it. u.u)

  • DejiruM0n

    I loved your adoptables^_^
    They're all cute.Keep up the good work.

  • SoraNoRyu

    And yet a new one!

    The naming kind of breaks my habit of naming them in German, but for some reason, I thought it was a bad idea to have 'ä' in the name, when I already have at least to creations that have 'ü's. I'll blame it on the fact that it's too late in the day for me ^^;

    Maybe I'll edit that later.

    Those bears are actually rather special to me - they were the first adopts I drew with my new bamboo-Tablet - my first graphic tablet at all - and this is why the first stage is a bamboo, even though it fits only one of three end-evolutions. And why they were named 'bamboo' back on squiby, where I named them all in English.

  • SoraNoRyu

    I hope no one minds the double post, but this is a bigger update - easter is coming up (or at least it is in Germany), so I 'hid' a few limited eggs for you.

    No actual search or riddle, you can simply find them linked above or in my profile.

  • SoraNoRyu

    And even more new (old) adoptables!
    Coming a bit less frequent now, even though I still have some in store.

  • elen89

    Yey for more nice things to adopt ^^

    I enjoy adopting and collecting all your wonderful art ^^
    I thought I had already posted here, so it's about time I leave a nice comment for you :3

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