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Had a cute little visitor today :3

A red squirrel visited us today :D
it wasn't scared at all, like it knew the window would keep it safe.

I have seen some squirrels a bit in the forest before, but not this close.
it was awesome X3

Edit, he has visited us every day this week :3
I have named him, Petter ^^
petteliten as a nick (little petter).


  • DejiruM0n

    Aww,it's so cute and your cats are watching itXD
    I've never had a close encounter with a squirrel like that:P

  • technikos

    The first thing I thought was to convert that cute buddy into an adoptable XD
    I'm lame that way :|

    Anyway, there are plenty of squirrels in my old college, but they don't have pointy ears like this XD

  • elen89

    Then I'm lame too, I also wanted to make him into an adoptable T-T
    I got so many nice photos of him so I got lots of nice references to use for drawing it. :3

    he came back today :3 so I got even more photos.

  • Mellowei

    I don't think I've ever seen a squirrel with tufts on its ears like that ... or with that colour of pelt!

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