Okirin loves paper!

Hello, welcome to my art (really? o_O) thread! I open this as a general continuation of the wall conversation I had with elen89 about my avatar, which I draw on paper, scanned and colored.

First of all, one thing needs to be said: I don't consider myself as an artist, I just love to scribble each time I've got some paper and a pen or a pencil in hand. :D As a result, I'm terrible at digital art. And I'm gonna prove it to you! :P

So here is a huge piece of paper with my sketch of Snowy that I used as an avatar:
 photo ScanImage001_zpsg8xr2lxm.jpg
The bottom of the same page:
 photo ScanImage001 - Copie_zpsh6q8sun2.jpg
A pet I was thinking to create for Squiby... that I never did:
 photo 76da2f6e.jpg

And now... DIGITAL ART! (run away if you don't want your eyes to get hurt)
 photo CreatION_zpsyzgskqhh.png photo hibis plage_zpsz7seobep.png photo Chien_zpsdovlwegi.png
This one, based on an avatar doll from a forum, is the best one, I think...
 photo c1147dad.png


  • elen89

    Great :D
    For just beeing fun scribbles, these are really good :D
    Don't need to become an artist, being able to have fun drawing just to past the time is great I think ^^

    Hehe, digital drawing is difficult,
    Especially if you don't have a tablet (digital pen).
    The doll is good ^^
    Your pencil drawings show that you can do well ^^

    The house drawing is the best I think :D very well drawn, good proportions.
    The smuf face is good :) and I love Snowy x3 he is just always so cute :D

    If you are interested, I can give you some tips to improve your art.

  • Okirin

    Thank you for the encouragements! :D

    Well, yes, it's just my right hand and the mouse, and since I can't use the mouse - I tried, it's worse - with my drawing hand (the left one), the digital art can't be at the same level. I wish I had a tablet, but my actual budget is making this imposible at the moment.

    Any tips would be welcome! :) I only know the basis about my art program (Gimp) and I never took art classes except for the lessons I had at school. I totally suck at shading. XD

  • elen89

    That does indeed make drawing digitally very difficult :/

    Some tips!

    The first thing I noticed is House's eyes, they are very round and more chibi like.
    While the rest of the drawing does not look that chibi like, it is best to try to keep the same style for the entire drawing.
    This is still something you can decide, that's the great thing about art, you can make up your own style and you decide how you want something to look. ^^

    Here is what I would have done,
    little eye tutorial.

    I can see in your eye drawing that you have added the shadow I mention here, that's great ^^
    what I want you to notice is the round iris is not all visible, the top eyelid cuts it off and the bottom eyelid a bit too.
    There is pretty much always a shadow on the inner side, from the eye to the eyebrow.

    The basics!
    When you start a new drawing, use action lines and circles, they are a LOT of help.
    this will also help you with balance.

    first decide what you want to draw, I have my cat as a model here ^^
    First make a quick tiny drawing to help you get it all set up.

    Action line is the spine of the creature.

    Circles for the head, body, and other body parts.

    Direction lines that helps you place the eyes and other facial details.

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