Hoot's Illustrations

I'm an illustration student, and because of that I sometimes make things.

Most of my art is either fantasy, horror, or both. Lots of both. I love horror, which is ironic because the first time I saw The Fourth Kind, I didn't sleep for two nights.

These two are monster concepts I'm working on. Right now I'm trying to generate a lot of designs, and then be able to write a story for them later. The Feywild is sort of a placeholder name for one of the worlds I'm working on. There are actually several; there's a sort of grungy cyber-punk one, a Dungeons and Dragons-style fantasy one, a sci-fi one, and a sort of steampunk one. In addition to the Feywild, which is sort of a combination of aliens and myth. Aliens presented in a very "mythical" manner. I'm working on another couple of adopts to show you what I mean. ;)

These were commissions I took on Flight Rising! I'm not so active on there anymore (I keep forgetting to gather items, so I'm totally out of food. lol). All of my dergs are probably half-starved.

Aaand here's all the griffies I posted on Squiby when I rejoined last week, before I found out why everyone left. :I At least things have been fixed with that. I'll probably submit a few now and then, since what were griffies over there are cockabudgies over here, and what are griffies here are alpha griffies there...but limited quantity and all that. :P Do you want to see any of these as griffies or cockabudgies? Let me know!

I'll be back occasionally to post more art as I make it. :)


  • technikos

    Love that second monster thing :3
    //runs to adopt things on that other site before I forgot XD

  • elen89

    Yess, nice and creepy xD Love it :)
    And great stuff ^^ I really like the dragon :D

  • DejiruM0n

    Love your art style,I really love emX3 you sure have interesting stuffs~

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