How to give nice feedback: an easy guide

How to give nice feedback

What is feedback?
Feedback is always an opinion, something that is viewed from your perspective. Not everyone's opinions are the same, thus it is very possible that others disagree with yours. If that happens, just stay calm and allow others to have their own opinion too. Feedback can always be given in a nice way.

General Information
Start with this: "I think...", "I find...", "I like...", "I don't like...", etc. Do not start with: "This is...", "That is... ", "It is...", etc.
Try to be specific about exactly what it is that you are giving feedback about. Where is that function, what does it do? Give as much details as you can.You van also provide URL (what is an URL?) or give a screenshot (coming soon: link to how to make a screenshot).

Before you place a reaction to someone else's feedback, make sure you understand what that person is trying to say. If you don't understand it then ask for clarification about those parts that you don't understand first.

Positive feedback
Positive feedback is when you like a specific function just the way it is, and you would prefer it to stay just like that. For example: "I really like that the buttons on the home page are orange."

Constructive feedback I
This is when a certain function could be improved a little to reach perfection. For example if you don't hate the orange colour of the buttons of the homepage, but you find that a slightly different colour would look much nicer. It could be worded like this: "I find that a lighter/dark hue of orange would fit the buttons on the front page a lot better."

Constructive feedback II
Sometimes, you just really dislike how it is now. Example: "I find that the orange colour of the buttons on the home page unbearable to look at. Please save me and change that to a different colour." As you can see there is no need to use wording that is hurtful to other people.

Difference between giving feedback and suggestions
Feedback and suggestions are very much alike. Both are about something that can be improved. Both have to be clear and understanding. Both have an opinion included. Still, there are differences.
Feedback is an opinion only, if you have a specific suggestion on how to resolve the issue that you disagree with then it is a suggestion.

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