Spych's Art Thread

Hi there! In this forum I'll be showcasing my art that I have for show (wow, very creative sentence.)


Hey! I'm The Spychalist, or you can call me Spych (it's pronounced Speekhalist/Speekh). I'm an amateur-ish artist that's learning how to digital art. Most of my works are semi-detailed and (mostly) messy. So, now that THAT's out of the way, brace yourselves for some very garbage drawings by the one and only local trash can! C:

"An Ancient Power"
Art by Spych 1

"King of the Alpens"

"Art Trade Headshot"
Art by Spych

"Scyther - Mantis Pokemon (Realism)" [Really old drawing, that's why it's uuuuuuper messy]
Art by Spych

I guess that rounds it up then!
More to come, so be on a constant look-out for trash drawings! Thanks for taking your time and looking at this! :D


  • elen89

    Very nice creatures and drawings :D
    If you need some digitalart tips, feel free to ask me.
    What digital program are you using?

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