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  • elen89

    More Night Fury Colors!

    Earth tone colors: Moss, Terra and Deep Sea.

  • elen89

    Happy Valentine!!

    This unicorn will always love you!!

    Limited to February.

    Evolves at level - 25 - 50 -

  • elen89

    It's my Birthday today! :D

    27 years old today on February 27!
    I have gotten lots of nice gifts and congratulations ^^

    and I made a birthday pet for all of you :D
    a happy birthday unicorn gift ^^

    I have also made the other ones public!

    All of these you can also get on your birthday as a nice birthday gift,
    just send me a message with your birthday date and I'll add you to my list. :)

  • elen89

    Happy May 17th!
    Gratulerer med dagen!

    May 17th is Norway's national day,
    Constitution day.

    Eat lots of ice-cream, hotdogs and do the sack race!
    Gratulerer med dagen og,
    Hipp hipp heisan hurrraaaa!!

  • elen89

    ~July 2016~
    Personal note

    As you may have noticed, I have not made a lot of adoptables the past half year,
    Infact I have not made much art at all.
    I have been very depressed, feeling useless and worthless. Feeling more like just giving up on my art and just be a "housewife" and take care of my home. Shooting down any dream I may get with the reality that I have experienced.
    "Why put all of this work into these adoptables when it feels like they will not be appreciated or just end up being stolen from me by the ones I trusted them with."
    I'm sick of site owners who say they will do things, and then just abandon the site, I know how life sometimes takes over and you don't get to do the things you want, But I'm not going to wait and hope any longer.
    So many of you have been so kind to me, that it just makes me hate myself even more when I continue to let the actions of BragBrassed and chocolatefudge ruin my day and make me cry myself to sleep.
    Making adoptables used to make me feel like I was something, happy, and I desperately long for that again, but I am afraid.

    (What I'm talking about: Link1, Link2.)


    I recently bought my first house and
    I have decided to try to start a new,
    and leave behind that that hurts.

    I will no longer be an Active artist here.

    I have to do something else, give myself something else to think about.
    I had some wonderful years making them and I guess I'll be happy with just the memories of the good times that is over now.
    I will not say that I will never make an adoptable here again, as I might one day feel like making one,
    but it's not something I will concentrate my efforts on anymore.
    I will still be here because I agreed to be Moderator here to make sure users don't upload stolen artwork.
    I will not let this place be a safe haven for art thieves.

    For all the kind words I have gotten from many of you, I am grateful.


  • LuciChan

    Your art is very amazing,honestly you're the finest artist i've seen. Your art looks like a picture from it's realism.
    I hope you gets better.
    Good luck,you need it.
    (i'm not forcing you to do pets back by the way,it's your choice)

  • SoraNoRyu


    I just took the time to read through the links you posted, and while my worry that MaxiCanvas might have done what Squiby did is now thankfully gone, I feel really, really sorry for you. I know what it is like to have the one thing you did well taken from you, although on a smaller scale, so I was luckily always able to pick myself up again. I am usually always able to turn my back and walk away, too, because the thing I am really best at is to stick my head in the clouds and dream of a nicer, better reality.

    That said, I am thankful you did not delete your adoptables on MaxiCanvas, too, but I will not be angry if you do. It is your art, and so it is your choice - all I can do is enjoy it while it lasts.

    I wish you all the best and hope that you will recover, and maybe return to us, one day. Until then I just want you to know that there is people who appreciate what you give, not just your art, but also your incredible kindness and the effort you put in behind the scenes.

    Thank You, and I wish you a good and thorough recovery.

  • elen89

    I might make some adoptables again, there seems to be a little bit of activity here again and that's great.
    Finally feel like I’m doing a lot better, after all the shit.
    I will be pretty busy for the next two months, making christmas gifts for my family, so I probably will not have time for it just yet.
    but yey! improvement!

  • elen89

    Made all of my halloween pets available again.
    no halloween game this year.

    Happy Halloween!

    2015 Halloween Spoiler.
    2014 Halloween Spoiler.
    2013 Halloween Spoiler.
    2012 Halloween Spoiler.
    2011 Halloween Spoiler.
    2010 Halloween Spoiler.
    2009 Halloween Spoiler.

    Also making easy links to the christmas pets.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    2014 Christmas Spoiler
    2013 Christmas Spoiler
    2012 Christmas Spoiler
    2010 Christmas Spoiler
    2009 Christmas Spoiler

  • elen89

    New Halloween creatures!

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