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  • elen89

    Finally uploaded my Domestic cats :)
    there are so many I had to wait until I got the time =P

    Also edited some of the images I was not happy with.
    still unsure about the white ones :/

    I'll upload the winged and element series later. :)

  • elen89

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    I'm going to be with my mom and brothers this christmas :)
    I will be leaving 23rd, haven't decided yet when I will be back.
    There are some internet there, though it is crap =P
    I will be having some fun in the forum I think :3 answering questions and so on,
    but other things I will need my home computer for and that will have to wait until I'm home again.

    Hope you all have a happy holiday and a happy new year! :D

    Made a few last minute Christmas gifts ^^

    2014 Christmas Spoiler

  • elen89


    Added Adopt links to my pets here :D

    Uploaded my wolf element series ^^

    Hopefully I get the rest of my creations uploaded soon as well. :)

    Edit, 15.jan.15

    More Elemental creatures ^^

  • elen89

    New Creatures! Animated Ravens! :D

    I wanted to use the raven I have made for the zombie again alone,
    as I had used a lot of time making the animated wings and they ended up not being that clear in the zombie animation because I had to remove a lot of frames and color quality.

  • elen89


    Uploaded Neon Glow fan art :)

    Uploaded Jungle Dragon Phoenix :D

    Uploaded the special breed mixes, that are a mix between three different dragon colors ;D

    When I first created the breeding system, I allowed an already breed pet to be breed again,
    this was pretty stupid of me and I took that rule away after a little while =P
    but two special mixes was already made.

    Two? you ask?
    yes, it was two, but I used to only offer the jungle dragon with a password riddle.
    now I decided to upload and share both of them :)

  • elen89

    New coloration :D

    New coloration of the chibi horse! Zebra! :D

    I have also already created and have ready in my files
    a mix between the zebra and unicorn, it looks like a zebra with rainbow colored stripes and a horn. :D
    it's awesome and will made available when I start up breeding again. :)


    New polar bear! :D

    The middle stage of the polar bear is all new :D
    the other two has only had slight color adjustments ;)

    The middle stage is new because when I first created the bears,
    it was one of the first animals I created and wanted them to look as realistic as possible,
    for that reason I made the mistake of making the drawing look exactly like the photo ref.
    it has been bothering me ever since and I have now totally redrawn the middle stage :D

    This new middle stage will also be used for the other bears,
    but I wish to re draw the other two stages first.
    I didn't intend to redraw the two other stages, but after seeing this new stage with the other two old ones, they just didn't fit well together.. quality wise..

  • elen89

    Very late christmas gift xD hheheeh...

    I decided not to wait with this christmas polar bear since I have finished the normal one.
    it will be available now for a very short time ;)

  • elen89

    New Creation! Bears! :D

    Like I said, I have redrawn all the stages for the bears,
    and I'm very happy with them ^^
    I hope you will like them too :D

  • elen89

    Uploaded the Domestic cat Winged series! :)

  • elen89

    Bear Pokemon! :D

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