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Dead site?

Been on the hunt for squiby-like/adoptable creator sites for a while.

I got interested in this site until I realised it's been open since 2014, with little to no work/activity on it since (3 years is a lot to be honest.).

Is it dead? Hope i'm not being too straightforward or insensitive. A lot of other posts seem to point to that.


  • elen89

    it is sadly pretty dead. not many users here at all, mainly because of no updates and no ones knows about it.
    I would love it if it wasn't, I did try to help save it, but I don't have the energy to help out anymore.
    after all the shitt on squiby, I have been very depressed and seeing this site fail didn't help much.

    The owner said he wished to make a big site, but did not follow up on that statement with updates or advertisements for the site.
    He might have had his reasons for not being able to work more on this site, I don't know.
    I supported and helped him out for as long as I could.

    You are free to try help the site grow if you wish.
    Use it and invite people, maybe the owner will decide to return.


    Unfortunately I don't see the point if even the owner himself gave up on the site. An owner should work on publicity and updates himself, not wait for the userbase to handfeed him attention and begging in order to do that.... It does not work like that at all.

    I don't really have any friends with these specific interests either.

    Who even is the owner? I have seen no sign of an actual admin/owner on this site. Kind of sad, really.

    I'm sorry it affected you so much. I hope you'll be better.

  • admin

    Hello everyone,
    I hope you guys are well. This site is not dead. There are still a lot of sincere users who use this site on daily basis and our team continuous working on its maintenance. Actually, we just stopped working on its luxury features development or wow factor development. The main reason for stopping development is the lack of budget. As you guys know that our main source of income is advertisement. The people who use this site. They just want to enjoy the services and not want to help us. Our 98% users use adBlocker. Our 96% users do not share their pets on other sites. Most of them use bots and scripts.

    We (Maxicanvas) team doesn't want any donations from you guys to run this site. If our users just become sincere with us. Then you guys will see the difference.

    We have just few request to you guys.
    1) Please white list us on your adBlocker or Don’t use adBlocker on our site.
    2) Please share your pets as much as you can on different sites or forums.
    3) Don’t use bots and scripts.
    4) Daily visit on site and adopt new pets.

    These things are just enough for us to run and develop this site. I personally love artists and creative persons that’s why I created this site and want to enhance this. I just wanted to ensure you guys that this site is online and keep online till my last effort.

    About Squiby, You guys always compare both sites by each other and some peoples portray that there is any war between us. I just want to declare that there isn't anything like that. Squiby and maxicanvas both are two different flavors for Art lovers and you guys should have to enjoy the both flavors.

    At the end, I just want to thanks, everyone who gave us your precious time. I hope you guys take this note positive.
    Thanks, Thanks a lot.

  • SamhainHallows

    What...? I just joined today. Had no idea this site was going down, too. :( Here I thought I found a place better than Squiby is now, too... I could try to invite people, but I don't seem to be very good at getting people to join my pet sites...

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