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Anyone still around that uses the forums?

I can tell that people are still creating. But I also remember that a lot of people came here from Squiby. Just recently saw that website had changed and came to see if maybe this was a better place to look for roleplays and conversation. IDK seems kinda dead to me atm.

If you're still alive, feel free to reply.


  • elen89

    I still check in evey other day.
    This site is nice and working, but it seems the owner didn’t follow through on his wishes to add new features and advertise for the site, so it just kinda died off.
    A few new people join now and then, but without a good user base they seem to leave too after a bit.

    This site definitely has great potential, but something has to be done to get there.

  • GammaKat

    Nice to see you're still around Elen. Squiby doesn't look like its doing all that well either. Your right about this place though. Its really sleek, easy to navigate, but it just needs more. Its a bit too bland and empty. I try and tell my friends about it, but they're all on amino now. To be honest, so am I. I want to get back into online sites like this though. I love this place and just want to see it do well.

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