--= Looking For Roleplay =--

Hello. I'm looking for a hopefully long-term, post-when-you-can roleplay. Semi-literate to literate if possible. I'm not looking for any specific number of participants, just some interest and ability. I'm all for multiple characters as I tend to play more than one myself.

•Here are some roleplay ideas that I either have interest or experience in.

-Percy Jackson and The Olympians, Camp Half-Blood (Cannon and non-canon)
-Demon/Monster hunters in modern or medieval times.
-Futuristic criminals on the run.
-Beings being hunted down because of what they are.
-School for people with supernatural or strange powers. (magic, creatures, x-men kinda mutants stuff)
-Zombie apocalypse, or just some apocalyptic/ post apocalyptic world.
-People who have been mutated and trapped in an experiment. (Maybe dome environment)
-My Little Pony, but more mature than just happy all the time.
-Getting trapped in another world.
-People who every time they die, appear in the same place, age 23 and with a new body.
-Medieval fantasy in general.
-Space Sci-fi in general, but more Firefly and Expanse than StarWars.

•If your more looking for short-term, one time kinda things you can pick from above or...

-Adventure Time.
-Creepy Pasta.
-Hunter/hunting party in magical woods.
-Exploring some ruins.
-Summoning a demon on accident.
-Some Students of magic out in the world for the first time in two years.
-Strangers lost in enchanted woods.
-Maybe just bird people?

•Types of roleplay I don't do.

-Forced romance. Romance sett-up before characters know each other. Romance just for romance sake.
-Slice of life
-Pretty much any other type of school roleplay
-Roleplays where the only point is fighting
-Anything non-literate. (1 to 3 sentences, actions in **, and no details in someones writing)

I do a lot of different genres of roleplay so if you don't see something here not exactly like you have in mind, talk to me. I'm pretty flexible. I also have plot ideas to expand on some of these already, so you don't have to worry about that. (I appreciate when everyone helps develop the plot a bit though.)

Hope you found what you were looking for.


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