Welcomes and Introductions

Look who's (probably) back in da site?

Yep, me, Luci-chan! Your pony-loving girl!

I want to come back here because I lost my account on Squiby, and so, all my loved third-stage adopts are gone D:
But fortunately, some of them are also on MaxiCanvas so I could admire them here too!

I'll also make new adopts (mostly Squiby reuploads...if I have the files *shrug*), but don't really count on it.


  • DejiruM0n

    Hey there,welcome back^^
    I also have return to this site after months of inactive xP
    Sadly,I see that this site seems dead,hardly any activity in it,but for some reason,I just love to upload my adoptables here.

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