Monthly Maxi Match

Welcome to the Monthly Maxi Match!

This is the ultimate adoptable match, on a monthly basis!
Hosted by me ^^

Create an adoptable according to a given theme and let it enter the arena, where everyone is the judge!

At the moment the site doesn't support my fancy button-code anymore so we will have to put up with it like this. This first post will contain all the rules. All the other stuff will be in posts below this.

General Rules:

1) Follow the Maxicanvas rules
2) Read everything in the first few posts before asking questions, to prevent unnecessary discussions.
3) Everyone that is interested is allowed to participate.
4) Be nice!
5) There will be ONE winner per match.
6)The winner of the match will receive one prize. This prize can not be exchanged, shared, or otherwise be given to others. Which prize is received is random.

Rules for the Submission of Adoptables:

1) The participating adoptables have to follow the theme.
2) Only new adoptables can participate. It is not allowed to submit adoptables that have been released earlier. Check the schedule for the best uploading time.
3) The adoptable has to be public (no password, no unlisted, no private, no limit, etc...)
4) The adoptable is only qualified for the match when a) the creator of it has send me a message about it, AND b) by putting in the description of the adoptable that it is part of the match.
5) Stage requirement: a maximum of three stages (egg - stage one - stage two) and at least two stages (egg - stage one)
6) The levels of evolving restrictions: a) the final stage is reached at last at level 100, b) there are at least 10 levels difference between each stage. The rest is for the creator of the adoptable to decide.
7) The creator of the adoptable decides whether they want to provide a spoiler or not. (It is advisable (not required) to send me a spoiler at the time of submission)
8) Only ONE adoptable per creator, per match (exception: if the theme explicitly says it), this includes two-part adoptables (= adoptables where you have to freeze one stage to get the complete image)

Voting Rules:

1) Vote one time per match.
2) Vote honestly.
3) When you have voted, make a comment (on the voting page, not in this thread) with your maxicanvas username. There is no need to say what you have voted.
4) And the most important: Vote!


  • ChemicalLady

    Current Theme:
    It is almost the end of the academic year and all kinds of stuff needs to be done quickly before summer vacation. Whether you need to study for exams, have a thesis to write, or need to put in some extra hours at work to get stuff finished, we all have a busy time. Get some of that frustration out by drawing an overworked adoptable. It doesn't have to be humanoid as long as there is an overworked "feeling" to it then you are fine. Wouldn't want to put any extra pressure on you now XD

    The Next Theme:
    This theme will be for July
    Let's start the day right with some breakfast. What are you having? Or how does your perfect breakfast look like? You don't have to realistically portray your breakfast, you can combine it with your own species, add lots of fantasy and let imagination run free. ^^

    If you are doubting that your idea meets the theme, you can always ask me. Anything you tell me about your idea will be treated confidentially.
    If you have a suggestion for a theme then feel free to message it to me

  • ChemicalLady

    Submission open

    none yet, submit now !

  • ChemicalLady

    Voting Booth
    This is the place to vote for your favourite!

    The links below will redirect you to the polls.
    Voting is super important, because YOUR vote will decide the winner!
    These polls are anonymous. And have some more options.
    Please also take a moment to give your opinions at some other polls below.
    No matter which poll, please only vote once.

    Click HERE to take your place as the ultimate judge!(closed)
    DON'T FORGET: When you have voted, please make a comment (on the voting page, not in this thread) with your maxicanvas username. There is no need to say what you have voted, so that stays anonymous. Otherwise I will deduct votes!

    A question about the prizes (closed)results
    Some feedback would be nice ^^(open)

  • ChemicalLady

    The Winner
    by ..

    Click here to view the voting results!

    Congratulations ...!

  • ChemicalLady

    (you have found more info XD)


    What will happen if...

    1) ...Two or more participants get the highest amount of votes?
    Answer: In this case the winner will be decided by flipping a coin.
    2) ...There are no, or only one, participants?
    Answer: Then the submission period will be extended until the 10th of that month.
    3) ...There are still not enough participants despite the extended submission period?
    Answer: Then the Match for that month will be cancelled and the theme will be discarded.
    4) ...A submissed adoptable does not meet the theme?
    Answer: If you think that this is the case then you can message me (not the creator) about it. Then I will message the creator of that adoptable with the request to change it. If those changes are not made than that adoptable will not be allowed to participate in that Match. (The final decision whether an adoptable meets the theme or not will be made by me)
    5)...I already have a species-series going on, can I use one of them in the Match?
    Answer: As long as your adoptable follows the rules of the MMM then you may participate. In other words it is allowed when your participating adoptable is part of your own species-series.
    6)...I missed the submission deadline?
    Answer: You can still submit your adoptable but it won't participate in the voting.
    7) ...I have more than one adoptable for the Match?
    Answer: You will have to choose one adoptable that will be your official participant, this one will participate in the voting. However you can also submit the others (as long as they follow all the rules), these will not participate in the voting and receive the same treatment as participants that have missed the deadline.
    8)...I need a little more time to finish my entry, can you change the deadline?
    Answer: Should this be the case then send me a PM. Don't forget to mention how much longer you think you need. I can get you a few more days, don't worry. Just make sure that this doesn't happen every time, you have had a month to make your adoptable afterall.
    Tips and Tricks:

    For (possible) creators:

    - There are a lot of programs you can draw with. Here is a helpful tutorial on how to draw with pixlr, and here is one for photoshop.
    - Advertise your participating adoptable! Make it known that you are participating and gain votes by advertising: in your species thread, on your profile, etc... Be careful to not spam, or advertise in threads where it is not allowed (like this thread)
    - You can copy the following code when advertising so that everyone knows where to look for more information:

    <a href="">Click here to read more about the Monthly Maxi Match</a>

    For everyone:

    - In case you really do not want to participate as a creator, you can still do one of the most important things: Vote, because you choose the winner
    - The other polls are also open for everyone and very important too.
    - And I am sure there are some participants out there that would love to hear that you gave them your valuable vote ^^

    Steps to Participating:

    How to participate: A step by step guide

    Step 1: Read the rules.
    Step 2: Look at the theme for the next month. Not the one for this month because that match is already going on and the submission period may already be closed (if it is still open then you can also look at the one for this month)
    Step 3: Be inspired!
    Step 4: Start drawing your adoptable.
    Step 5: Finish drawing your adoptable.
    Step 6: Wait for the submission period (see schedule).
    Step 7: Upload your adoptable during the submission period and put in the description of the adoptable that it is part of the Monthly Maxi Match.
    Step 8: Send me (ChemicalLady) a message with as content 'Submission Monthly Maxi Match' OR 'Submission MMM' and your username, and a link of your adoptable.
    Step 9: You will receive a confirmation if you are accepted as a participant.
    Step 10: Now you have to wait for a bit, you can use this time to adopt and level some of your rivals submissions and to vote for your favourite.
    Step 11: If you have won you will be notified.

  • ChemicalLady

    other info:
    Click here for the Monthly Maxi Match Clicking Game

  • ChemicalLady


    The prize for the winner is an exclusive adoptable! The one you will get will be randomly choosen, and nobody has any say in which one you will get (not even me).

    You think there are not enough prizes here? Or they are not up to your taste?
    Then nominate an artist from maxicanvas by sending me a message with the username of that artist and why you would like to see a prize made by them right here. All nominated artists will be approached by me with the friendly request, to please make a prize. The artist in question can then decide whether they want to do this or not, so be nice even if they decline! Of course, nominating yourself or asking someone to nominate you is not allowed.

  • ChemicalLady

    When will what happen? Find out here.
    This schedule will repeat every month.

    Day 1: The start of a new month. Today the theme for the next month will become the theme for the current month. From today on you can submit your adoptable.
    Day 10: This is the last day you can submit your adoptable.
    Day 1 to 7: Somewhere during these days, the winner of the past Match will be announced and receive their price.
    Day 8: A new theme for the next month will be announced.
    Day 11 to end: Now that the participants are final, you can adopt, level and judge. During this time the voting will also be open for you.
    Then the cycle starts again.

  • ChemicalLady

    Hall of Fame:
    Where every winner gets their spot

    February 2015: elen89
    March 2015: DejiruM0n
    April 2015: DejiruM0n
    May 2015: elen89
    June 2015: SigmaWorld
    July 2015: technikos
    August 2015: Hootsewers
    September 2015: Nobody
    October 2015: Flashdoll
    November 2015: Flashdoll
    December 2015: zelda74
    January 2016: Nobody
    February 2016: technikos

  • ChemicalLady

    the last placeholder

    the thread is now open!

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