Of Magic and Dragons- Limited Accepting open

In Middle Earth, strange things have been going on. Fifty years after the ring was destroyed, dragons have come. The Arkenstone was really a dragon egg, and it has hatched. Ever since then, more and more dragons have appeared. Some of the wizards have been taming the dragons, teaching them to trust humans, and help them. The other dragons are a problem. We need to do something about it.

Female Wizard: Karen/20/ToxicNightshade/
Male Wizard:
Female Human:
Male Human:
Female Elf:
Male Elf:
Female Hobbit:
Male Hobbit:

You Must use to make your character
Form: Picture here
Talent with Fighting:
Pet Dragon? Or not yet?:


  • ToxicNightshade -Without Weapons -With Weapons
    Age: 20
    Spot: Wizard (female)
    Personality: Karen is strong, and has an aura of power around her. She knows what to do and has a clear head most of the time. She's a great leader and is loyal.She is adventurous and reckless, with a dry wit and a stubborn streak. She was rarely open with her feelings and often mistrustful and wary. She can be flippant at serious moments sometimes, and can be flirtatious. She's troubled and lonely, though she has a tough exterior, can not always hide her emotions. She's willing to do anything for her family, her pets, and all in all everyone she's cared about and loves, and has a ruthless streak, she's outgoing, will stand up for things she believes in, and she is really, really funny. Karen can tell what others are thinking the more she knows them. She is soft on the inside, despite the jokes. Despite her soft look she's quite a fiery one. When she sings, it disappears into a flood of lovely sound. She's an amazing singer, you can't even imagine the wonderful voice that comes for this young lady when she sings. She's truly breathtaking. She doesn't care much for the girly things in life. She's the kind of girl who loves to get dirty and have a little fun. She can develop a psychic and telepathic link with anyone. She has extremely powerful magic.
    Talent with Fighting: Aiming weapons(bows, throwing knives, etc.), magic
    Talent: Singing, fighting, magic, running, swimming, negotiating, horseback riding, being quiet.
    Kin: Unknown
    Crush: None yet
    Pet Dragon? Or not yet?: Not yet
    Other: nope

  • EternalSummer14

    FORM: (Picture Will Be Here Once I Can Get On My Computer, Please Don't Hate Me..)

    Name: Noelle
    Age: 27
    Spot: Elf(Female)
    Personality: Quiet And Reserved, Noelle Only Uses Her Voice When She Has To.. Or When She Wants To Take A Break And Sing. She Seems Like The Socially Awkward Or Shy Type Of Person(Elf..) Unless You Get To Know Her, Then You Can Realize Just How Much She Likes Having Company..
    Talent With Fighting: Bow And Arrow Or Swords, Rarely Uses Hand To Hand Combat But Will Do So If Necessary
    Talents: Singing, Magic, Calming Rowdy Dragons, And Fooling Others If Necessary..
    Kin: Unknown, But If You Follow Her In The Late Afternoons Of Monday And Thursday, You Might Meet Her Mother..
    Crush: Unknown
    Pet Dragon? Or Not Yet?: Yes, But It Is Still Young..
    Other: Usually Wears Her Hair Over Her Shoulder Or In A Ponytail

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