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About Me
I'm Technikos or "Tech" for short. Born somewhere in the 90's. Now a grad student in Japan (as a foreign student, that is XD)
My major is Chemical Engineering, which has almost nothing to do with art XDDDD
You can refer to me using any pronouns you like, as I was so confused with gender/ sexual orientation thing I don't want to label myself anymore XD (I have a boyfriend though.)
I like to draw chibi humanoid stuffs and use limited colors (mostly pre-determined palettes), but sometimes I try different stuffs, as experimenting is something I do almost every day XDDD

Some Notes About My Adoptables
- CandyManiac
-- Unlocked Jars from Squiby can be adopted here as well. New Jars will be created on both sites when the condition on either site is completed.
-- You can adopt mixed Jars using the same passwords for both sites :)
-- WIN Jar password is now available to everyone! See Jar description about how to get it ;)
- Since changing the availability (public/unlisted/private) is still not possible, monthly limited pets will remain public until I can change that.
- Lepo species has been added. This is Maxi exclusive species and will NOT be available on Squiby.
- Xi and anything else on Squiby will NOT be available here, mainly because I've lost the original files :| (Xi species will only be redrawn and posted here if Squiby is gone.)

0: CandyManiac - Regular, Limited, Events
1: CandyManiac - Unlisted, Passworded (including Mix), Retired and Private
2: Lepo
3: Other stuffs
4: Request forms & FAQs
5: Links to my other accounts
6: Reserved 1
7: Reserved 2
8: Reserved 3
9: Reserved 4


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    Welcome to the Candy Jar of Madness XD
    Here, we offer you a wide range of toxic colored sweet treats!

    Please feel free to browse and adopt what you like. Spoilers are in the description attached with each jar.
    (Sorted by jar code)

    Always Available

    Unlocked Jars TLDR Jar is hidden somewhere in this thread

    Limited by Time

    Chinese New Year (January or February, depending on the date each year.)











    Limited by Quantity

    Elen89's Darkness Halloween Game

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    ---none at the moment---

    Passworded The hints are also in the description ;)

    The Empty Jar

    Candy Mix



    ---none at the moment---

    ---none at the moment---

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    Lepo is one of the rabbit-like species available in Monster Nursery App, with many color variations to collect.
    The colors used here will be taken from the app, as well as Subeta, and other original designs!

    Partial Spoiler

    Nursery - Common

    Nursery - Uncommon
    ---none at the moment---

    Nursery - Rare



    My Original Characters

    Other - Regular

    Other - Limited
    ---none at the moment---

    Other - Unlisted

    Other - Passworded
    ---none at the moment---

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    Other Stuffs
    Monthly Challenge

    Challenge Prize


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    Suggestion Form (I don't promise or guarantee it would be made, but you can try ;))

    CandyManiac: Please fill out the form below. You don't have to write in every fields though, just the ones you can think of ;)
    Code: What to write on the jar, 4 letters maximum. I only accept A-Z and numbers. Also, this code can't be the same as existing ones.
    Codename: 15 letters maximum, only A-Z and numbers. (This is just something I put in the spoiler and use to name my own adoptables XD)
    Concept: What type of sweets do you want? What's the preferred clothing for the 3rd stage? You name it, be descriptive as possible!
    Colour Palette: Please provide me a picture reference. Linking to outside palette, such as this, is also fine.
    (Uppercase and lowercase letters will appear the same on the jar. Also the number zero and the letter o. 1 and I, however, appear differently.)

    Example: for the 1301 jar
    Code: 1301
    Codename: frostpop
    Concept: A candy cane with cold tones, make it looks like frozen stuffs.
    Colour Palette: here

    You can find all past-suggested Jars with this tag: requested jar

    Lepo: Suggestions are not open...yet ;)
    Candy Mixing Details
    All mixes (except M000, M001, M012, M018, M029, and M038) will be passworded. To get the password from me, you must post the two "ingredients" for the mix in non-jar stage in this thread. They don't have to be in the full-grown form though, the second stage (after the jar stage) is acceptable too. The gender doesn't matter.
    The traditional/limited Jars can be used for mixing too, but please note that the mixing time will be longer for traditional Jars. Also, the mixed Jar can be re-mixed with other Jars.
    Fan Jars can also be used for mixing, but there will be some limitations. Mixing two fan characters may be hard, or even impossible.
    There will be only 1 mix for any 2 Jars. If you want to mix A with B, you can post A first or B first, the result will be the same.
    The Jar code will be generated according to the palette used (which you can't choose, bwahaha >:3)
    You can request only 1 new mix a time. That means you have to wait until I finished mixing your old request first in order to request a new one. This is to give other people an opportunity to get new mixes as well. There's no limit in requesting the passwords for old mixes because it's easier for me to copy/paste those details in one go XDDD
    And because now Candy Jars are available on 2 sites, you can post your mixing pair on either site and get your mix on both, as I use same passwords on both sites!
    You can see all old/processing mixes details and unmixable Jars here. (Only me can edit the doc. If you spot some mistakes or have a nice suggestion to the doc, feel free to tell me.)
    You can also find all made mixes using this tag: mixed jar

    For people who don't know how to post adoptable pics here, just go to your "Adoptions --> Adopted" drop-down menu, look for the one you want, click "More Info" under that adoptabe, and copy the image part of the HTML code. Like this:

    Don't copy the entire code because admins will go to get you for posting clickable links outside the "Click Me" section. Also, don't use BBCode. Maxi forums just hate BBcodes XD
    Those Questions You Might Want to Ask (lol)

    Q: Where did you get the idea of those candy thing from? Do you play too many stages of Candy Crush Saga?
    - Although I have played Candy Crush for more than a year and about 600 passed levels, no, I didn't get the idea from that game.
    The idea came from That Old Picture I Drew Since 2011 and I thought making an adoptable from it would be cool.

    Q: What about the Lepos?
    - Lepo is one of the species you can get on Monster Nursery game available on iOS and Android devices. Each monster in that game has many color variations. I like the design, so I chose to draw this species ;)

    Q: B...but you said there are many species on that game, then why did you choose to draw the Lepos?
    - First of all, it's cute XD
    Second is that the design is simple enough to allow modifications, such as adding costumes or patterns. The pose of this species also has some similarities, but not too similar, to humanoid characters.

    Q: Where do you get the color palettes?
    - Well, from many places, including The Colour Schemes Group in dA, Design Seeds, Adobe color, and Tumblr.

    Q: Can I request you to make one with specific color/theme?
    - I don't take requests, for now. I do, however, take "suggestions". Suggest what you like and hope I might make it real some day *evil laugh*
    The suggested adoptables will be for everyone to adopt. (It can't be passworded/private/only-for-you things.)
    (See the suggestion form above.)

    Q: Can I breed Jar A with Jar B?
    - I'd like to call it "mixing" because candies shouldn't be something breedable. It would be too scary if so XD
    (See details above)

    Q: I think these pair of Lepos could produce a nice mix, can I breed them?
    - Unfortunately, no. You can suggest a color mix, but it'll be another separated kind of Lepo anyway. (You can adopt the color mix without having "parent" Lepos.)

    Q: How many stages do your species have?
    - Lepos have 2 stages, Candy Jars have 3.

    Q: What about these random evolving levels? Why don't you set it the same for every adoptables?
    - I'm just a kind of person who got bored easily I got the idea when I did the Random Xi years ago to keep everything random, and it was fun!
    For 3-stage adopts, I use to create 2 random numbers from 5 to 75, both inclusive. The first number I got will be the level for second stage, and the sum of 2 will be the level for the third stage. For example, if I got 30 and 61, it means you'll reach the second stage at level 30, and you'll reach the third stage at level 91 (30+61).
    2-stage adopts will get a ramdom number from 10 to 99. (Lepo based on existing adoptables will most likely get the same evolving level as the first evolving level of referenced adoptable.)
    There are some exceptions to this, though, especially when the number has some meaning. For example, the "13" Jar has evolving levels at 13 and 113, to emphasize the unluckiness.

    Q: What is that font you use on the jars and in the spoilers? Where can I download it?
    - It's called "Carbon Block". It was installed in my computer since I got it, so I don't know if you can download that :|

    Q: And what about that pixelated font for Lepos?
    - It's "FixedSys" and I believe it's Microsoft default font :|

    Q: Do you have a deviantArt account?
    - Yes, I do. It's here.

    Q: Your last update date is 1 day ahead of the date in where I live. Do you live in the future?
    - Nope. I just happen to stay in Japan (as a foreign student, that is XD), and the time zone here is faster than many other places XD

    Q: *Asks something else an umpteenth time*
    - Okay, I may put other questions and answers later :|

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    DeviantArt | Squiby | Subeta | Instagram | Youtube

    Looking for Empty Jar's password?
    Yes, it's actually in this post, look carefully.
    For the third part of the password, try finding that transparent Lepo, in Lepo section ;)

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    Reserved, you can post after this, even though there's not much to comment XD

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