• elen89

    I'm pretty sure I do not know.

    Only remember once that a person told me they made a post about this site, but I don't know or don't remember on what forum/website they made the post. Don't remember the name, but I can find out if they made the comment to me on my wall and not a privat message.

    I know about the Goatlings website, the artist there is awesome.
    But I have not been a user there.

    Why do you ask?

  • Darkshadowwolf

    elen89 and Darkshadowwolf are now friends!

  • Darkshadowwolf

    I have adopted Winston


  • Darkshadowwolf

    I have adopted Crayon


  • Darkshadowwolf

    I have adopted Schizo


  • Darkshadowwolf
    Joined Maxicanvas!

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