• blackfoxette

    hi do you take comissions or do art for other places? I am looking for o=some on to help me so i can have pet overlays on subeta. n_n

  • elen89

    Merry Christmas! :D
    and a Happy New Year ^^

  • appleaegyo

    I'm in love with your creations! Your skills with art are extraordinary :) Keep on making adoptables!

  • Shenahn

    I have adopted Crim


  • Shenahn

    I have adopted Sylva


  • Shenahn

    ToyaKazaki and Shenahn are now friends!

  • ToyaKazaki

    Your adoptables are just adorable!! :D

  • Shenahn

    I managed to finish and upload the second Halloween adoptable just in time (or close enough). Enjoy your candy. ^_^

  • Shenahn

    I have adopted Witch


  • Shenahn

    Adopt My New Creation Weesai - Witch

    Weesai - Witch

  • Gracepuppy

    I love your adoptables ^^

  • Shenahn

    Happy Halloween all! ^_^
    I had intended on releasing two adoptables today, but unfortunately my time is fairly limited at the moment. I should be able to post the second of the adoptables sometime tomorrow. Please enjoy the Vampire Weesai.

  • Shenahn

    I have adopted Vampire


  • Shenahn

    Adopt My New Creation Weesai - Vampire

    Weesai - Vampire

  • Shenahn

    Azulla and Shenahn are now friends!

  • Tauchawee

    Your adoptables are so wonderful! The artwork is so well done!

  • Shenahn

    CoffeeBean and Shenahn are now friends!

  • Shenahn

    Lizard and Shenahn are now friends!

  • simona6711

    Those adoptables are sooo cute X3

  • CoffeeBean

    Your adoptables are very adorable! I got both of them!

  • Azulla

    Your adoptables look absolutely wonderful. :D

  • Avani

    Welcome to MaxiCanvas! I must say your art is incredible and your adoptables are too cute. I love the glasses you drew on them. ;u; Looking forward to see more adoptables from you.
    Have a great day!~

  • elen89

    Hello :)

  • Shenahn

    elen89 and Shenahn are now friends!

  • Shenahn

    Brand new to the site! Please feel free to visit me on DeviantArt for full spoilers of all adoptables I create plus all the other art I do.

  • Shenahn

    I have adopted 50s Nurse

    50s Nurse.png

  • Shenahn

    I have adopted Conductor


  • Shenahn

    Adopt My New Creation Weesai '50s Nurse


  • Shenahn

    Adopt My New Creation Weesai Conductor

    Weesai Conductor

  • Shenahn
    Joined Maxicanvas!

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