• Azulla

    Haha wow I just looked down my profile and noticed an earlier entry by myself that sounds similar to the one I left earlier today.

    Bit of history repeating itself, methinks!

    Will also echo the 'being alive is a thing that is still happening' part.

  • Azulla

    Wow, it's been a very long time since I last logged in here.

    A lot of things have happened in that time; I got a new job that is very time consuming and physical, leaving little room for art, my main computer went kablooey and I've been consigned to a low end laptop whilst I save for a new one ( this is taking a while. Minimum wage kinda sucks when you also have rent and bills to pay )... I went through several burnouts and lost my creative spark for a while... fun times!

    I've been trying to pick myself back up, creatively, and thought I'd check around some old haunts to see how they were doing.

    ...it's kinda quiet here, huh? Would it be worth the while to try making adoptables again? I don't have any of my bases anymore, though.

    Well, in the case that that DOESN'T happen, if you want to know where I'm most likely to be these days, you can find me at...
    azulla-art on tumblr
    avenrir on Flight Rising
    avenrir on Twitter ( I ramble a lot about nothing on here, though, also some people I follow post/retweet 18+ things that might end up in your timeline because twitter is a hellhole for doing that kinda thing. I don't retweet it, myself. )

    ...not posting links because I can't remember if this place allows them or not, ahh, sorry. XD

  • Fukushuchan

    hey just asking can i upload somthing to toyhouse?

  • Azulla

    Blaameis and Azulla are now friends!

  • Flashdoll

    Hey! How are you doing? I adopted your sketch adoptable, still haven't evolved it... but i'm sure it's awesome.

  • Azulla

    I have adopted Felisaur


  • Azulla

    Adopt My New Creation Little Robin

    Little Robin

  • Azulla


    Holy long-time absences, batman.
    Where have I been? Computerless for the most part! I'm currently using ol' Bluescreeny, my laptop, whilst my PC is off in Disnae land ( that is, disnae work, ha. I am so witty and Scottish. Oh my. I'll shush. ), and I'm still not sure when I'll be able to get back to full activity.

    That saaaaid, if nobody minds non-transparent images I could probably whip up some simpler adopts in the meantime. Bluescreeny, here, is a bit... underpowered, we'll say... when it comes to the old graphical applications. No Daimin/Eludin/Monsters though, since my egg bases are on the PC... but yeah. I could probably come up with something. XD;

    Gah, I am so tired of being absent for extended periods. Things keep happening. Tell them to stop happening. Maybe they'll listen to you guys. XD;


  • Azulla

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  • FlamestarandStonefur

    Hi! Do you play Goatlings? I've seen this name somewhere!

  • elen89

    Hehehe ^^

    Nah, I haven't really ordered anything to big like that =P

    Hope you are doing good,
    And that I will get to adopt some more awesome stuff :3

  • elen89

    Checked Amazon to see if they acctually got prosthetic legs,
    But this is all I found, link.
    Hehe x)

    Hm, I wonder if I have ever ordered anything that has made a poor worker hate my guts x)
    Some of my packages sure looked like someone hated it along the way...

    I hope you are well ^^
    I have been doing great, your little monster inspired me to draw some more. ^^

  • elen89

    Wooooooooohoo! x3

    Now you just got to buy yourself a new pair of feet,
    ..maybe amazon got a good deal? xD hehe

    After your experience, will you feel for the amazon workers and not buy any big books
    or do you feel a sense of "revenge" and "they will suffer as I have!". x)

  • elen89

    Hehe ^^ you can rant about the job all you want to me x) hehe

    Yeah, lets hope 2016 is much better than 2015,
    So far it feel much the same but x) heh
    Just got to make it what you want it to be :)

  • SoraNoRyu

    Happy New Year and welcome back!

  • Azulla

    I have adopted Cordyceps


  • elen89

    *goes to Amazon to order 10 huge books* =P hehe

    Man, that sounds terrible.
    I'm incapable of standing up for that long, my feet are useless
    And I'll just faint if I stand up for more than an hour.
    I hope you don't have to do that for too much longer.

    ..and I hope to see some more awesome pets to adopt x3

    I haven't been much able to draw anything for a while now,
    Been feeling not too good, but I too hope to draw some new pets very soon. :)

    Happy new year :)

  • Azulla

    Not quite back, yet, but I had that one sitting unfinished for months and it was beginning to annoy me. XD;

    Once I'm finished my work for Amazon I'll get torn back into drawing. I'll need it. Just like I'll need new feet. Gargh standing for 11 hours a night. x.o;

  • elen89

    *everyone rejoices* :D Azulla is back with new creatures! :D
    Very happy to see you again. :3
    I hope you got your internet and all in order,
    No internet is the worst =P

  • Azulla

    Adopt My New Creation Mystery Monsters 4

    Mystery Monsters 4

  • Azulla

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  • Azulla

    Pending any further hiccups, I should hopefully be back to drawing around mid January. :D

    RSI is no fun, let me tell you!

  • Azulla

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  • Azulla

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  • Azulla

    Just an update to say I haven't left - I just have no home access to the internet anymore. ;.;

    Also this laptop Ihates me. So much. <<;

  • Azulla

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  • Azulla

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  • Azulla

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  • Hootsewers

    I'm honored that you like them! :O I hope you're well, and have a fantastic day! :D

  • elen89

    That's good ^^
    Hope things keep going up and good stuff.
    *hug again* :)

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