• FennecFoxFan

    I have adopted JayJaki


  • FennecFoxFan

    Adopt My New Creation Demon Child

    Demon Child

  • FennecFoxFan

    I have adopted Carp Princess

    Carp Princess.png

  • Fuiuki

    I recognise where that alien is from! Do you think you'll make more? I absolutely loved it <3

  • FennecFoxFan

    Adopt My New Creation Kor_Alien [PNK]

    Kor_Alien [PNK]

  • FennecFoxFan

    I have adopted Spectra


  • FennecFoxFan

    Thx. ^u^ (I got here from some ad on Squiby. =P I can finally use GIF's)

  • DejiruM0n

    Ahh,I really like your Dragon Digimon~!So cute!
    I adopted it right away^_^

  • elen89

    Your Digi-Dragon is cute ^^
    Adopted one :3

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