• daino123

    Please delete my acccount.
    when my account delete, please delete this message too.
    I want to delete my Infomation on all website, and It is my right.

  • SamhainHallows

    Elen, may I ask how I can get some of the passwords for some of your pets? I'm on here for another little while again and I found that all of a sudden, nearly all of your pets required passwords. I really want to adopt a few more again but can't because I can't get the passwords. Please help if you can?

  • WerewolfNight

    I am new. Why do some adopts require a password?

  • Tiffbue

    Oh wow, what did I found, your awesome dragon thingy!! Tell me the fee to pet it? :3

  • Kittypaws3000Video

    What's going on, with your creations? :-(

  • Tigerclaw2018Video


  • KammieGerbilLover1995

    Hello, I adopted your cat.

  • TheBlackWolf1995

    Hello, I adopted your wolf!

  • bchaltraw54

    Hello, I adopted your red panda! :)

  • PaintedDogsRock19

    Lon has a pet flea! XD

  • KammyManulLover95

    Unfortunately, I was mistaken for a non-artist when I try to put "Yes" on the "Are you an artist" part of my account. Will you please help me? :(

  • Niabi

    I don't know if you'd remember me, but I'm SecretsoftheNalco from dA! cx

  • KammyCoatiLover1995

    Hi, I adopted your creation. :)

  • DejiruM0n

    Thanks again,yep,it's need time to recover,even as long like over 9 months in my case xP
    That's nice,glad to hear you're doing well.
    Awh really?That sucks,I love this site already,it has simple and clean design,I was hoping for it to get improved,but it seems like it doesn't do that well recently...

  • DejiruM0n

    Haha,thank you!Yeah,it's really been awhile,and I'm doing well,just got a tuberculosis from past months and still recovering from it.But other than that,I'm fine,how about you?
    Has something change in here when I was gone?

  • Natheela

    Thank you <3
    And there's more to come :D

  • Natheela

    Thanks a lot, that style was exactly what I was aiming for. :)
    Tho, I don't think I'll upload any other adoptables in that style. I'm actually currently working on recreating my pixel foxes on the bigger canvas (and of course more detailed, haha!). My old Squiby was zolie and my old deviantart was fireraccoon. On the deviantart account I uploaded spoilers for the "phoenixes" I also created back then. My newer one is chertan-koraki where I'm gonna upload the pixel foxes as well.

    It's surely a shame that this site is so inactive. But to be honest it's missing some main features as well, like searching for adoptables or a "stay online" function (or I just couldn't find those options). I really wish there was a site like Squiby was back then, both in terms of usability and activity.

  • Natheela

    Thanks a lot! I'm Zolie from Squiby, I've made a few pixel foxes back in those times. Dunno, maybe you remember me ^^
    I've recently come across this site because I kinda miss creating own unique creatures that others can adopt. I actually found this site on your deviantart profile :D

  • silverpaladin

    Hi, I'm glad you like them :3 Yours are also amazing! ^^

  • Galahad

    Hello! I'm sorry for not being on here in ages, but I just saw the custom you did of my boy Scott and it is just gorgeous! Thank you so, so much!

  • LuckyBonsaiTree

    How often are adoptables created on this site?

  • StarSpirit

    I've been thinking.I need......to......ADOPT THEM ALLLLLL[no really your creations are amazing!]

  • LuckyBonsaiTree

    Thank you so much.

  • LuckyBonsaiTree

    Is Bear, Kiki, and Yellow Pee final stage? I can't tell. Went to bed last night and couldn't watch them grow.

  • LuckyBonsaiTree

    How do you know when your adoptable is done growing? I am new.

  • nemuikumo

    Wow finally a good news! n.n

  • SamhainHallows

    Hey, Elen! It's Hana from Squiby. :) Long time no seeeee!!!

  • SadieWitch

    OMG I haven't been on here in so long that I didn't even see your comment about the cats!
    It's perfectly fine! Take your time~ I don't mind the wait~

  • Dewclaw

    Glad to hear you are doing better. :) Things are ok here, but lately, it is all work and no play. :o

  • Dewclaw

    Hope you are well.

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